Big Data and Analytics Insights for 2019

The calendar has changed, 2019 is here with new hopes and dreams, but one of the things that will remain constant is the growth and developments in the big data and analytics sector. Big data is continuously developing with each passing day and new applications for the technology are being found. With the new year there are sure a few things to keep a watch on in the big data and analytics field which are going to become the trends in the future.

Let’s have a look at the Big data and analytics insights for 2019:

The effects of IoT:

Even though Iot has been in the industry from since a few years, the combination of the powers of Iot and Big Data analytics is much better with the development in the analytics field. Big data analytics feed on data and the growth of sensors in the Iot devices provide just that to it. It is estimated that there will be 20 billion connected sensors by 2020, do keep in mind that the world population is projected to be about 8 billion by that time.

The growth of Edge computing:

Edge computing is a very powerful technology which reduces to a huge extent the overhead which is associated with the transportation of data. What edge computing does is essentially it processes the data at the edge of the network from where it is obtained rather than sending it over through the network. The processing is done in the network and thus the insights are obtained faster as compared to the traditional cloud and server model. Another added benefit of edge computing is the improvement in the data security as data does not have to sent over the public network thereby reducing the endpoints for intruders to be able to access the data.

Data Ops:

The trend of DataOps is just starting out and is expected to grow to a large extent in the upcoming year. What Data Ops does is it applies the methods of Agile and DevOps to the data analytics life cycle. The data analytics life cycle consists of collection of data, analytics , testing and delivery . DataOps improve the quality and nurture the continuous development for better data analytics.

Mushrooming of Open source:

A major trend to watch out is the proliferation of the free and opensource software that will be available to the users. This will be particularly helpful to small and medium sized start-ups that don’t have the resources to obtain the services from big data providers. Open source analytics languages, for example R are making it easier for everybody to get a share of the power of big data analytics.

These were a few big data and analytics insights for 2019, the growth of Iot, Edge computing, Data Ops and Opensource. A few other trends include predictive analytics, The ability to process dark data , the improvements in the quantum computing field ,Data storytelling ,visualization and Augmented analytics.

Which are the Big Data and analytics trends that you are excited to see in 2019?

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