5 Best Practices for Selecting Data Analytics and BI Software

Data analytics is becoming a norm in every field, if you have a business there are several ways in which using data analytics will help in improving the efficiency of your business. With so many providers for data analytics software out there, it is a confusing task to choose the best software for your data analytics and Business Intelligence needs.

Here we shall have a look at the 5 best practices that you can follow while choosing the software for your business:

Do your research first

This step should be the most important and longest step in your search. There are plenty of resources online and otherwise to do your research as on what type of unique solutions do you require and how data analytics will be beneficial to your unique business. There are research and analyst houses such as Gartner and Forrester who do research on the trends that are affecting the data analytics field. This step should result in a good idea of the needs to your specific business on the fronts of data analytics and business intelligence. This will then help you in searching for the vendors that can provide with appropriate solutions.

Give the vendor a run for their money

The vendors do a very good job at marketing and it is very easy to get carried away once you see the vendor website and marketing content. It is very important that you have your requirements in mind when you are browsing vendors. When you get a liking for a particular vendor do not hesitate to make the vendor prove it to you that they are the best.  Ask for product demos and make sure that you get to see the features that are relevant to you and your kind of work rather than the best features that they are sure to show you to win your hearts. It is also a good idea to inquire with the vendors about the current organizations that are similar to yours that are making use of this product and about their reviews on the product. This will help you get a very good idea about the usability of the product in the real-life cases.

Consider the factor of the overall cost

Data analytics and business software will have some costs after buying to get the system up and running. This factor should be considered while choosing the software as this can later lead to a complete change in your allocated budget. The several charges could include the support, training for the users of the software, the cost of services, the costs of storage and maintenance. This also leads to another important point to keep in mind, that of scalability.

The Scalability factors

Even if you have done a good deal of research and considered the overall cost factor, another major thing to keep in mind is the scalability. It is well and good if the selected software can give a good performance with your current business situation, but see long term and consider the long-term scenario. In the future your business will expand and the situation will not be the same. The software must be able to handle the increased load in the situation. The components to consider in scalability include the volumes of the data, the depth of the analysis, and the number of users.

Don’t ignore the newbies and small players

This is the start-up era. You can harness the competitiveness that the new companies provide. Don’t ignore them. Sometimes it could be the start up that could provide a best solution to your requirement. It is worth your while to go through them but make sure that you keep all the factors said above in mind and do your research. Who knows, maybe you could hit a home run.



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