Why Python Is More Relevant In 2019 Than Ever Before

The beginning of a new year is the time we start to review our lives and decide on setting our goals, be it personal goals or professional goals. As programmers or aspiring programmers or any IT related persons for that matter, getting better at programming is one of our major career goals. In this article we shall see that why you should choose python to be your choice of programming language and how it can help you in achieving better career growth.


Python has been described as the swiss knife of programming languages. It is becoming the most favoured tool for every type of project ranging from data mining to artificial intelligence. Python being a general-purpose language rather than designed for a specific type of application has found this to be a major factor in its popularity. Being a general-purpose language means that python can be used for a wide variety of things, from building applications to building games. Python has frameworks such as Pygame which are for game development. The uses of python are almost infinite which include but are not limited to Db connecting, robotics, websites and networking.

The ease of use:

If you are beginning to believe that python must be a very complicated language after reading this, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Python is in fact one of the easiest languages to learn and use. The structure of python is understandable and simple. This allows the developers to spent more time on thinking out the code they have to create and not the complexities in the language itself. This point also makes python the most taught language in universities, where it overtook java.

What you seek is already available:

With the massive growth that python has seen, numerous programmers have worked on it to improve the complete way in which python can be used by you. There are a lot of python modules already created and free for use by anybody. In fact, you will find a module for almost anything that you want to do with python on the internet. There are a variety of frameworks out there which you can use whether you want to create a 3-D game or a machine learning system.

Machine learning

Machine learning and data science are two of the fastest growing domains as of now and python is in a way supporting this growth. A very huge proportion of libraries that are used in machine learning and data analytics have been developed in python. Python has proven itself to be capable of handling big datasets and the libraries make calculations easier.

These were a few reasons why Python is more relevant in 2019 than almost any other language. Job studies have shown that python skills are highly sought-after for professional programmers and data analysts. The major growth area for python will most likely be in the data science and artificial intelligence sectors.

Now that you have a good idea on the importance of Python, go on, and start working on improving your python skills.

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