Combating cancer with Big data

The applications of Big data are infinite. Every now and then we get to read about how somebody has found a new application for improving some aspect of our life using big data. From being used in the judicial system to help in preventing crimes to being used in the medical field big data is everywhere, and it is growing its list of applications to other fields too.

Here we will have a look at how Big data is helping in combating the disease of cancer which has been a subject of study since long.

Combating cancer has been a study subject to scientists and medical professionals for decades. Now the power of analytics is helping solve this problem. Having a set of machines that can process data at speeds of billion billion calculations per second does help in making the task at hand easier.

How analytics can help in Combating Cancer:

Analytics of personal data can help in understanding the lifestyle factors that can lead to the development of cancer cells in our body. As is said, prevention is better than cure, data analytics can help in preventing the onset of cancer in the initial stages itself. If you get to know about the major factors that lead to development of cancer, you are better off in preventing it.

Analytics helps in diagnosing cancer in the earlier stages for the doctors. When cancer gets recognised in the earlier stages itself, the treatment can be much more effective. Data analytics helps in the early stage diagnosis of the disease.

Analytics help the doctors in providing the best possible treatment to the patients. When doctors have data regarding the previous similar cases of the patients, they can provide much better care to the patients. When you know the exact amount of dosages and what has worked and what hasn’t for a previous patient with the same ailment, you can provide a much more efficient medicine and care.

Study of DNA

The study of our DNA has been helping in the early diagnosis and detection of the disease. Another major breakthrough is that it is also able to analyse the risk of you getting the disease in the future. Personalized medicine based on a person’s unique genetic characteristics can help in providing treatment that has much fewer side effects and thus improves the intended outcome.

Health trackers send data to the healthcare providers and organisations that can analyse it to provide early-warning signs to patients who are at-risk. Another major point is that the rare types of cancer that were earlier relatively unknown are now coming to the forefront and research is being done in those cases too. This has been possible due to the interorganizational data sharing. Doctors are better equipped to handle such rare cases.

Now that we are several exaFLOPS stronger in the fight against cancer, it is not very long time that cancer will be completed eliminated from our bodies. With the increasing data and the power of data analytics, anything is possible.

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