AI’s potential to transform cars, food and healthcare

AI is disrupting almost every industry today with its power and ability. Who does not want a computer that is better than humans in terms of its memory, brain and accuracy. AI is helping in automating the future. Even though the list of industries where AI will be the future is going to significantly huge, here we shall have a look at the potential of AI to transform cars or the auto industry, the food industry and the healthcare industry.

AI for cars:

Every car owner has their own way of treating their vehicles. These days a single car is fitted with a range of sensors which collect the data from time to time regarding the conditions of the vehicles. All the data from the requirement of changing of the oils to the speeds of driving are monitored. The data that is obtained from these sensors then has to be processed. This is where AI comes into the picture. With the help of AI, the data can be analysed to find patterns and insights. This can help both the car owners as well as the manufacturers. The car owners can find out the best ways they can use their vehicle to ensure its maximum efficiency and also find out what mistakes they are doing that is adversely affecting their vehicles. The manufacturers can get insighdats on the vehicle responses from the people and this helps them in optimising the production process. The future of cars, i.e. self-driving cars has been made possible only because of AI.

AI in the food Industry:

AI can be very useful in the food industry manufacturing units where large-scale production of food products is done. Consider a soft drink manufacturing plant that has a production line where the soft drink is first poured into the bottle, then the bottle is sealed and then the bottle is covered with the label. In the production line if there occurs a delay in one of the line process, say the sealing of caps, then this will affect the complete production chain. Even though the delay could be solved immediately, when these types of delays occur several times, they can add up to cause a huge amount of losses to the industry. The use of AI can be done here to ensure that such minor delays don’t occur. The data from the previous history of such occurrences can be analysed by the using AI to obtain the list of best practises to be followed that make sure that such delays don’t occur in the future. The contamination of the food product due to any reason is a very serious issue and this can even cause the whole brand to shut down. This can also be reduced by making the use of AI powered analytics to find out the possible points of failure and thus minimise to a very large extent the chances of occurrences of any mishaps.

AI in the healthcare industry:

AI is going to become a major part of the healthcare industry. Surgery with the assistance of AI powered robots has been found out to reduce the chances of errors by five times as compared to the times when the surgery was done by a doctor alone. AI can also be used in the administrative tasks for the healthcare industry. The use of AI can be done to assist the doctors in providing better personalised care to the patients by making use of the data of the previous similar cases of ailments. This helps the doctors to provide the exact dosage of medicines to enable fast recovery.

These very just a small number of applications of AI in the fields, the possibilities of expansion of the use of AI in the fields are infinite.

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